Top USA craigslist cities searches

Top USA craigslist cities search

If you are thinking to add a classified on Craigslist me be the first action that you have to do is to determine, which is the most searches cities on USA or most searches States on Craigslist. You can do this by analyzing which have most results on Google. As you can see on the top Google searches, we have made a top with 10 cities that have lots of searches for classified.

At number one is the New York. The people are searching for Craigslist NY when they need to add a post or to find something to buy. Not always, but more than 40 percent of the United States, people are looking for a job.

Number of results for Craigslist NY, on a Google search are 27 million. But this can be very easy to interpret because are 8 million people that stay in New York and they are very usually with Craigslist. If you are thinking to sell something on all the countries, me by you will be more successful in the cities that people are making lots of money and they didn’t have time to search the real market.

The second city as important on our Top 10 of location searches in Craigslist, is Chicago.

Because in Chicago city are living about 2 million of people, this can be a huge interest for sellers, as you can see

In the google searches are more than 19M of results, lots of people are looking for rent a house, or rent a car or sell a propriety,

In another order, they can search sold products like phones, cars, laptops or other electronic craigslist.

On the place 3 in to the our top is houston, a city with having about 6 million of people that have resided here, and

The city is seven on USA size in the top of the cities. The number of results in Google is 16M. The people who use

Craigslist is looking for: craigslist cars Houston, craigslist Houston real estate, Houston craigslist wanted, craigslist tools in Houston

Craigslist furniture in Houston, craigslist Houston boats, craigslist Houston apartments, craigslist Houston appliances.

The rest of the top for result that appear in google by search Craigslist are:

4. Craigslist NJ

5. Craigslist Dallas

6. Craigslist Atlanta

7. Craigslist phoenix

8. Craigslist San Diego

9. Craigslist Portland

10. Craigslist Seattle