High PR Homepage Backlinks

Backlinks also known as incoming links are links coming to a website. The more backlinks a site has the more popular and higher ranked the site is. Search engines use backlinks as indicators of sites relevance and popularity; therefore it is important to have high pr homepage backlinks in order to be better ranked by search engines. It is important to have high pr backlinks network because search engines rank websites with quality backlinks better than sites with low quality links even if they have a lot more of them.


For example it is better to have few high quality relevant backlinks than dozen irrelevant ones. If you think about it, it is more useful to have links of the same subject pointing to your website, than to have completely random irrelevant site linking to you, which is also the way search engines look at it so have good high pr network in order to get all the benefits from those links.


As time passes and technology advances, search engines are becoming smarter and better, therefore it will be even more important to build high pr backlinks network for your website in order to be competitive and have good search engine rankings. That may not be easy to achieve but hard work you put in it will be worth it in the end. It is better to work a bit harder than to take easy way and risk loosing your rankings because of laziness.


In order to get high pr homepage backlinks your website needs to have good, useful, quality content to encourage other similar themed sites to link to you by themselves. You can also ask other webmasters to link to you. Another way to get high pr backlinks network is to find directories relating to you, and submit your site there. Post on blogs related to your niche with a link to your website if the blog allows it. Similar to blog posting is forum posting, you can post on forums and include your link in signature but be sure to read forum rules first to not get banned if they do not allow posting links.


Amount of backlinks needed is dependant of keywords you need to rank good for, the more popular keyword is more high pr homepage backlinks will be needed to improve search engine rankings. Be careful to not get in schemes, search engines can detect unnatural ways of raising page rank and using link farms, the moment they detect such behavior they will decrease rankings of the website that was using such techniques so you all your effort will be in vain.


Be careful about reciprocal linking, it is not valued by search engines because, from their standpoint, they do not increase relevance to the visitor, those links are not crated for the purpose of delivering relevant content, and therefore have low impact on improving website rankings.


Using proper techniques and staying away from dishonest and manipulative ones will certainly help you build high pr network and improve your rankings significantly, at the same time, with relevant content, making your website popular with visitors.