Get Rid Of Acne

If you are one of many people suffering from acne, you are probably wondering how to get rid of pimples that are causing problems for your face and your social life. First you should know what acne are and how they actually form.

Acne form when the skin pores get clogged, this happens when to much sebum is produced and skin cells clump together creating a blockage. Now bacteria that causes acne accumulates in blocked pores causing inflammation. This usually happens during puberty but people of all ages can be affected.

To get rid of acne the pores need be cleared and bacteria responsible for acne killed. There are a lot of over the counter products that can be helpful. Probably the most popular one is benzoyl peroxide, it works by shedding skin cells, opening the pores, and killing the bacteria at the same time, but there is a downside, it can be very harsh on the skin so you must use moisturizer with it to counter skin dryness and irritation. It comes in gel or cream form, and in concentrations of 2.5%, 5% and 10%. Concentration of 2.5% is shown to have the same effect but with less irritation than stronger concentrations.

Another popular over the counter treatment people use when asked how get rid of pimples is salicylic acid which works by dissolving skin oils and unclogging pores. It is not as drying so it can be a better option for sensitive skin.

Of course before using any treatment, the skin should be cleaned and dried.

If you prefer using natural remedies here are some suggestions, mint tea can be used instead of cleanser and good substitute for fruit acid products can be lemon juice, just squeeze some lemon juice and rub it gently on problem areas.

Honey mask can be used once or twice a week for milder forms of acne. Honey has antibacterial properties and acts calmingly on inflamed acne. St John’s wart oil is great natural way to get rid of acne on back and shoulders, it should be applied twice daily, although it is oil it has antimicrobial properties and therefore eliminates bacteria which cause pimples.

When first asking how to get rid of acne people just wish to clear their face of them, but when that happens they start noticing another problem, acne scars. So the next big question is how to get rid of acne scars? That is the final step needed for complete resolution of acne and getting beautiful clear skin.

Popular products available over the counter are those containing AHA (fruit acids), such as glycolic acid. OTC products usually contain between 5% and 15% of AHA and are useful for clearing red marks left after acne and getting even skin complexion. To get rid of acne scars higher concentrations are needed but those treatments must be done by a professional and are done several times. When using AHA containing products sun exposure should be avoided because skin gets more sensitive and gets burned more easily.

You should choose the products based on your skin type for the most efficient way to get rid of acne, if you have more severe form it would be wise to consult a dermatologist to get professional advice on how to get rid of pimples and how to get rid of acne scars that are common after more serious forms of acne.