Detailing Your Car

Detailing your car is the process of thoroughly cleaning both interior and exterior of the car, it is done for your enjoyment or in preparation for sale to raise the price based on improved appearance. There is a big difference between just ordinary washing and detailing your car. Detailed car looks like it just got from the factory door right to your driveway compared to just washed car which is clean but does not shine like detailed one.


Good way to start detailing your car is in interior. If you vacuum regularly it will make the job of detailing a lot easier. Start by removing floor mats and vacuuming dirt from the floor, next wipe down dashboard, sides of door and all other leather or plastic materials with a damp, micro fiber cloth. Use glass cleaner to clean windows from the inside. If you have plastic floor mats wash them with sponge and water and let them dry. After the dashboard and other parts of interior are clean, protective spray can be used for added freshness. That is basic guide for detailing your car internally.


Now you can move to detailing your car externally. First thing to do is to properly wash your car. Start from the top and work your way down for a few minutes to remove most of the dirt. Next soap your car well and wash it down again with water, again start at the top and work your way down. After washing the soap down, use micro fiber cloth or chamois to help the drying and absorb water droplets, avoiding water stains.


Now after thorough wash, the car should be polished using car wax, but the question is what the easiest car wax available for the job is? There are a lot of car wax products and auto detailing solutions available so at times it can be hard to choose which one to use. The easiest car wax is the one that is easy to apply but is also effective in giving the car shine and protection against dirt and scratches. Good way to find the best auto detailing solutions is to go to a car detailing store and ask around for product recommendations.


After getting the car wax for the job, now is the time to apply it to the freshly washed and dried car. Use a foam applicator pad to apply wax, use small amount and rub on good, if you have trouble with wax residue, use a towel to clean it off. Apply the wax in back and forth motion. After waxing your car will not only look great but will also be protected against rain, dirt, and scratches.


The last step in detailing your car is engine cleaning. There are many auto detailing solutions available for engine cleaning, choose some by asking at the store for recommendation if you do not know which ones to use. Before cleaning protect electrical parts like the battery and other electronics with plastic bags for example, now you can use engine cleaner, spray it on the greasy parts of the engine let it soak for a while and then rinse it off.


That would be the basics of detailing your car using easiest car wax and some auto detailing solutions. Have fun and enjoy your refreshed and shiny car!